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Random Thoughts After a Long Day

Monday, October 1, 2018
positivity, blogtober, self-love, self-care, happy

This is a little different from my normal posts but I am going for it. Today I have really struggled with keeping my thoughts together in general. I was distracted or super focused and at some point my eyes glazed over as I watched the screen. Brain fog is what some call it.  It is like I could find a reason to complain about anything. The scariest part is how easy it just came out into words.

I woke up in a great mood. Nothing was exactly wrong. At some point, my energy drained and I was helpless to recover. Although it had been raining all day, I made a decision to go to the gym. I brought my clothes to work and I debated because of the rain. Luckily common sense won me over. If I wanted to feel better, sitting around sulking wasn’t going to help me.

I made it to the gym and went directly upstairs to the cardio machine. I pulled up my favorite workout and got the ball rolling. I chose the one closest to the window so I could stare out at the traffic and cityscape surrounding me.

As I scrambled to figure out how to get my bluetooth headphones to work, I noticed an older lady next to me kindly watching me fumble around with the earpiece that was supposed to go around my head and into my ear AND in order to get the machine to work I had to move quickly or it would cut off. Yeah, it was basically a circus show. I told myself that it was okay if it made her giggle a little. At least someone got a laugh in today!

positivity, blogtober, self-love, self-care, happy

The workout I chose alternated resistance levels and strides in one minute intervals. By level twenty, I was feeling it. My breathing was thinning out and I could feel my heart beating fast. It is amazing how half an hour on a machine could take your mind off of things.

I took a break and chugged down some water. I got closer to the window to watch the rain glide down the glass. Little prisms formed when rays of light came through at just the right time. To think I spent the day being so negative about the rain earlier. In that moment I took it all back! Anybody else just needed some space to see things clearly? Comment below and tell me how you got through it.

I am sure working out helped. I am sure to feel it in the morning. Maybe that is all I needed was to step back and enjoy the little things. Less complaining. I look forward to tomorrow. A new day!

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