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Self-care: Finding Emotional Balance and De-stressing

Friday, September 28, 2018
emotional health, personal-growth, self-care
Okay, with the holidays around the corner, I am certain that my good mood pendelum is going to swing full force. The worst thing I can do for myself is to let it smack me in the face on the way. As much as I love the holidays, I don't like feeling overwhelmed with the many to do's that come along with it. This is why I feel like a self-care check up is necessary.

Thankfully we have not made it that far yet. My focus right now is connecting with my body to make sure my feelings aren't deceiving me. I think it is good for everyone to do this. It doesn't have to be when something bad happens. Part of living a positive lifestyle is to understand overall health mentally, physically, and spiritually.

What is emotional balance? It is the ability to experience an emotion without self-judgement. When I accept that I can feel a certain way and the emotion passes without me holding it captive, I have alowed myself to find emotional balance. Avoiding or stuffing down strong emotions can cause illness to the rest of our body over time.

I realize it is most helpful when what I feel is tangible. I need to name it. I need to understand the origin. I must choose to allow myself to process it in a healthy way. When I do allow my emotions to go unchecked, my body will let me know. This will usually manifest in a headache or stomachache. I am noticeably cranky too! Not all emotions are bad. This can still happen if I am overly excited about something.

We are meant for connectedeness. 

Sometimes I know exactly what I am feeling and other times I don't. Usually I will talk with a friend that I trust to help me figure these things out. One time I was overwhelmed with emotion because I felt pulled in several directions at once. I was happy for the opportunities but scared to death that something would fall through the cracks and not get done and people would be mad at me. All it took was for her to acknowledge how I felt. She basically just told me what she heard and asked me to confirm and it all clicked together.

When I am not able to talk things through, I usually have my journal or phone on hand where I can write out what I am feeling. That way I can go back to it later and reflect. I write about the circumstance that led up to me feeling a certain way. I write about whether or not my breathing changed. If anyone was involved, I write about our communication. Generally this will give me an idea of where I am.

emotional health, personal-growth, self-care

Here is a list of things I have done that help to de-stress:

1. Create a calming environment by turning the lights off. Light a nice smelling candle and meditate/pray.

2. Journal unapologetically. Seriously. Do not sensor anything. Worried it will be read? Find a hiding place and stash it.

3. Get some sleep!

4. Practice breathing. Youtube breathing techniques that have a guided voice to help you get used to breathing correctly.

5. Practice emotional distance. As soon as you feel yourself about to react to something, take a step back and allow the emotion to leave you.

6. Create a relaxing playlist. I usually go for jazz, instrumental, or classical.

7. Kick something off of your plate. Delegate a task. Go home 30 minutes early.

8. Exercise. Get some deep tissue action going and it will help ease the tension.

9. Laugh often. Humor is medicine to the soul.

10. Find a few minutes in your day to center your emotions.

emotional health, personal-growth, self-care

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