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Self-Care Morning Prep for the Fall

Sunday, September 23, 2018
self-care; morning routine

Helloooo lovelies! I cannot say it enough. I absolutely love the Fall! I just have this warm cozy feeling in my chest when I wake up in the mornings followed by a wonderful cup of coffee. The other day I managed to wake up early enough to go to Starbucks for a tall Pumpkin Spice Latte, yum!!

Let's just say I have been experimenting with my morning routine because I work out in the mornings now and that requires me to be up earlier than usual. The earliest I've rolled this body out of bed is a whopping 5:37am. That may be nothing compared to some schedules but that is definitely a win for me. How I treat myself in the mornings really does give me a boost in energy for the day. Here are a few practical things that I do in the mornings:

Nourish Your Body

Eat Breakfast

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I know if I eat well in the morning, my meals throughout the day are smaller because I am satisfied from the first meal. I like to eat apple cinnamon oatmeal with fruit. I usually eat about two cups. I don't count calories. Maintaining portions are more important to me. On the weekends, I like to be fancy and make pancakes, bacon, and oatmeal. I like eggs too sometimes, but not so much if I don't have salsa. Most of the time I forget to pick it up when I've gone to the store so I usually stick with oatmeal. I've not done this in a while but I used to buy bagels and toast them. Once they were nice and warm, I would add blueberry or regular cream cheese and it was oh so good. It is also quick and easy. It tastes just fine without toasting it too.

Your breakfast can be as simple or as fancy as you want it to be just as long as you have the time to prep it and enjoy it. Your body will thank you. Also, for those of you that do not like breakfast and pigs will fly before you eat that early in the day, detox water is a good alternate. A mixture of water, cucumber, and lemon is really refreshing. Top it off with mint and it is super yummy. It will wake you up! Need something hot? Green tea has natural caffeine and will get your metabolism going.

Ten Minute Stretch

Back in college I had a roommate that was a life guard at the university pool. She would wake up and stretch for ten minutes exactly. It helped her prepare for the day mentally and physically. By the time she walked out of the front door, she was ready to face the day without all of the grogginess. Let's just say our demeanors were noticeably different at 8 am! 😅  Now I find that on the days I don't burst out of the bed like a ray of sunshine, I stretch and it helps me to feel centered. After years of dancing, all of the tips and tricks I have under my belt do not stand a chance against this simple activity. All it requires is a few minutes of time and concentration. I usually have water nearby to replenish. Don't forget to hydrate!

Skin Care

Texas weather basically has a mind of its own. Since I live near the gulf, the humidity is terrible. I have combination skin so my skincare routine will change every so often. Currently I take a warm wash cloth and press it lightly on to my face. I then use my cleanser to get rid of excess oils. I rinse the cleanser off and use my exfoliator. I rinse the exfoliant off and then I use my toner. I let it seep in a few minutes and complete the routine with a moisturizer. Afterwards, my skin looks and feels super clean and smooth. I do have a black charcoal peel off mask that I use a couple of times a week as well.

Side note: I am debating on buying one of those hand-held skin exfoliators but I am terrified of it tearing my skin. If you use one and have had good results, please comment and let me know which one you use.

skin care; self-care

P.S. I love this stuff. Just add water and it turns into a nice foam. I usually purchase this scrub from Ulta. This is not a sponsored product. I have used it for over a year now. 

Refresh Your Mind

Finding ways to stay focused on a positive lifestyle can be done in several ways. When I incorporate an uplifting activity in my morning routine, I set myself on track to a successful cycle of thinking. Even if my morning has started off roughly, I can refer back to prayer, a book or podcast to push my way out of being stuck in a funk from a setback. 

My morning could be going great and I spill coffee on my clothes as soon as I drive into the parking lot (which has happened more than I would like). Words slip out before I have a chance to take in what happened. What then? Sometimes things arise that we have zero control over. How we react will make the difference. We aren't asked to be perfect. The emotions will pass. Sometimes it isn't the event that took place, it is the lingering emotions from my reactions to them that make or break my day. As imperfect as I am, I still like having the freedom to choose how my day is going to go. Don't you?


This may sound silly, but one of my favorite things to do is smell flowers. Not only are flowers beautiful but the fragrance of a rose or bluebonnet can take my mind off of stress. I don't know why or how but they do. In my previous post, I have a pin with a quote refering to autumn leaves and fall breeze. I love to walk around and listen to the rustle of leaves. The hum and rush of the wind can stir them up causing this beautiful nature song to occur. Its magical to me. Taking notice of the beauty happening around me just puts me in a good mood. I tend to slow down and really engage.

Speaking of good mood. I have to remind myself to smile. Sometimes I am not aware of the faces I make in public. It isn't because I am trying to prove anything. Some of the time I am deep in thought. Other times I am thinking about my next meal. You can really change the atmosphere by smiling. Sometimes, that is all anyone needs is to see a smile. Let's make this Fall count!

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